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Home Is Burning

Home Is Burning

Flatiron Books
320 pages • $16.99
ISBN: 978-1-250-06886-6

A Memoir

Dan Marshall

“A funny, reassuring tonic to anyone who has had cause to doubt their own caring abilities.”—Entertainment Weekly

At twenty five years old, Dan Marshall is living the dream life in sunny Los Angeles. Until his mother calls, Dan thought things were going great at home; but, it turns out, his mom’s cancer, which she had battled throughout his childhood with tenacity, is back. And to add insult to injury, his loving father has been diagnosed with ALS. Dan is now headed home to Salt Lake City, Utah. Never has there been a more reluctant family reunion: His older sister is resentful, having stayed closer to home to bear the brunt of their mother’s illness. His younger brother comes to lend a hand, giving up a journalism career and evenings cruising Chicago gay bars. His next younger sister, a sullen teenager, is a rebel with a cause. And his baby sister—through it all—can only think about her beloved dance troop. They put their petty differences aside and form Team Terminal, battling their parents’ illnesses as best they can, when not otherwise distracted by the chaos that follows them wherever they go. As Dan steps into his role as caregiver, wheelchair wrangler, and sibling referee, he watches pieces of his previous life slip away, and comes to realize that the further you stretch the ties that bind, the tighter they hold you together.

© Sharon Suh

Dan Marshall grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah and attended UC Berkeley. After college, Dan worked at a strategic communications public relations firm in Los Angeles. He left work and returned to Salt Lake City to take care of his sick parents. While caring for them, he started writing detailed accounts about many of their weird, sad, funny adventures. Home Is Burning is his first book.

Home Is Burning has been adopted for First-Year Experience programs at:

University of Michigan College of Literatures, Science, and the Arts

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