Frequently Asked Questions

Can you recommend books for my college’s program?
Of course—just send us an email! Tell us about your program, your students, and your selection criteria. Are you looking for a book that complements a particular theme? Are you interested in fiction or non-fiction? Do you have a page count or a price range in mind? We have thousands of titles in our general catalog, and we’d be glad to help you find one that’s right for your school.

Our college’s common reading book will be chosen by a selection committee. All committee members will read each book that’s under consideration. Can you send more than one examination copy of a single title?
Yes! The best way to request examination copies for a selection committee is to email us. Let us know what title (or titles) your committee wishes to consider and how many people need books. Don’t forget to include your campus mailing address! It’s also great if you can let us know when you’ll need to receive the books so they can be distributed to the committee members. We’ll always do our best to accommodate!

Do you offer free desk copies of books adopted for common reading programs?
Absolutely. If your school has selected any Macmillan book for a first-year or common reading program and you need desk copies for participating instructors, please get in touch. Tell us about your program (e.g. selected title, how many students will participate, how the books will be ordered, programming plans) and we’ll arrange to send desk copies for distribution to instructors.

Our college has selected a Macmillan book for our common reading program, and we’d like to have copies stocked at our campus and/or local bookstore(s). How should we place the order?
Bookstores may visit the Bookseller Services section of the Macmillan website or call our warehouse (1-888-330-8477), or contact their wholesaler. Bookstores interested in purchasing bulk quantities may visit the Bookseller Services page for information about Macmillan’s Bottom Line Business Plan, or contact their Macmillan sales representative.

Our college has selected a Macmillan book for our common reading program. The school will purchase copies of the book and give them to our students. How should we place the order?
Universities interested in purchasing copies of a Macmillan title in bulk for student giveaway should contact us for details about discounts and terms.

We’d like to create special copies of the common reading book for our program. Do you offer customization options?
We do! Macmillan can work with you to print customized copies of the selected title. For example, books can be printed with the college seal on the jacket or with a letter from the Dean or President inserted in the front pages. Let us know what you have in mind!

Will students who use eReaders be able to purchase the selected title in an eBook format?
Most of our books are published in eBook formats compatible with eReaders like the Kindle, the Nook, and Apple iOS devices, as well as desktop or laptop PCs and Macs. Look for the  icon in this catalog or write to us to confirm availability. A student who uses an eReader will be able to purchase these books in the digital format compatible with his or her device.

Our school purchases books to give away to students participating in our common reading program. May we order some digital copies for students who use eReaders in addition to or instead of ordering physical paperback or hardcover copies of the book?
Macmillan is pleased to offer schools the option to purchase eBooks in bulk to give away to their students for a common reading program. To find out how it works, please write to us! We’ll provide details about discounts and terms.

We’d like to invite the author of our common reading book to speak on campus. Can you put me in touch with Macmillan authors?
Yes! Please let us know which book(s) and author(s) you’re considering. We can connect you with Macmillan’s Speakers Bureau or with an author’s lecture agency for information about availability and costs. Great info to include, if possible: What are the preferred dates for the visit? What type of campus event(s) do you have in mind (e.g. keynote address, reading, Q&A, small group meetings, lunch or dinner)? What is the school’s budget? How many students will be reading the common book?

Titles, prices, and other contents of this catalog are subject to change without notice. All orders are subject to acceptance and availability. Prices shown are publisher’s suggested prices; re-sellers are free to charge whatever price they wish for the books in this catalog.