Browse books that correspond with these popular campus themes. Looking for something else? We can help you find the right book for your program. Write to us—tell us about your theme, your program, and your students! We’ll be happy to recommend more titles.

Activists & Activism
Books by and about individuals who have taken action for—or against—an issue that means something to them. They’ve empowered young people, refugees, and laborers in impoverished regions around the world; changed the way they use our planet’s resources and taught others how to do the same; spoken up for innocent people who’ve been wrongly convicted; and more.

American Experience
Written by Americans, about Americans, these books explore life in the United States, from the Mississippi Gulf Coast, to Phoenix, Arizona, to the streets of inner-city Philadelphia, and to the outskirts of Los Angeles.

Current Topics
Students will be ready to participate in the ongoing conversations about prevailing topics such as climate change, military conflicts, and race in America once these books lay out their contexts.

Books that raise awareness and encourage dialogue on matters related to diversity, on campus and beyond.

Global Perspectives
Students will see the world through a wider lens when they read about Haiti, Chile, North Korea, Kenya, and other places around the globe.

Books that show how students, activists, entrepreneurs, and citizens can communicate their ideas, motivate others, and effect change.

Planet Earth
Books about how society values, protects, or exploits the earth and its natural resources.

Social Problems & Solutions
Books about the challenges facing society—violence in America’s inner-cities and in villages ravaged by civil war in Sierra Leone; ethnic and racial discrimination; the commercialization of our morals and even our trash—and how individuals and communities can overcome those challenges.

Writing for Writers
The books that we recommend for First-Year Composition and Rhetoric courses.